Christening Day Guide

How wonderful that your little one is about to experience their Holy Day.

It's evident that you've put so much thought into every aspect of this special occasion, right down to the tiniest details, ensuring that every drop of holy water is accounted for. If you've invested a significant part of your budget in photography to capture these precious moments, fear not! I'm here to offer some helpful tips to make sure your day and the photo documentation unfold seamlessly, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Pre Christening Day Tips

Names of Family

I love getting to know your family better, including the adorable names of immediate family members, siblings, and their ages too. It's truly heartwarming to learn about the special people in your life, including godparents and grandparents. This information helps me create a more personalised and enjoyable experience for everyone.

In your client questionnaire, I ask for these details because I understand the value of remembering names—it adds a personal touch to our interactions. However, with so many wonderful people in your life and only one of me, it might be a bit challenging to recall everyone's name right away. I appreciate your understanding and patience as I strive to make your experience as warm and friendly as possible!

Is there any family drama?

Let's chat about something important to make sure we have the best experience during our time together. If any parents happen to be separated and it's a bit challenging for them to get along, it would be super helpful for me to know. This is particularly crucial during the family portraits, as we definitely want to keep things as smooth and comfortable as possible – no need to make it any more awkward, right?

I totally get that discussing personal stuff with your photographer might feel a bit unusual, but trust me, it can make a big difference in ensuring everyone feels at ease later on. I'm here to capture the best moments of your relationships throughout the day, and even if there's some family drama, big or small, I want to be aware of it. There will still be plenty of smiling faces and genuine exchanges, and I'd love to keep it that way.

Also, if there are any family members, especially parents or grandparents, who won't be able to join us due to health matters or unfortunately, they've passed away, please do let me know. It helps me be more considerate and avoid asking about someone's loved one who might not be present.

Industry Contacts

I'd really appreciate it if you could share the names of any vendors making a difference in your day. Knowing this info can be super handy, as it allows me to connect with them directly. Plus, it helps streamline communication, making things smoother for everyone. Feel free to include these details in your client questionnaire, and let's make collaboration even more seamless!

In Home Portraits

Below I've outlined some fantastic and super simple tips for you to make sure your home photos are just as perfect as the rest of your little one's big day. Check these out for a flawless photo experience!


When I'm working on capturing the perfect shot, I believe that lighting plays a crucial role. That's why I prefer utilising the beautiful natural light streaming in through windows – it truly brings out the best in photos. I make it a point to switch off any overhead lighting and throw open the blinds or curtains to create the most favorable lighting conditions right in your home. Let's make sure your photos shine in the best light possible!


I always look for a roomy and tidy space – and bedrooms often fit the bill perfectly! They usually have great natural light and enough room for everyone to gather around. If you're planning to snap some photos in your dressing space, consider going for a neutral colour palette or something that complements your outfit hues.

To create a clean and polished look, don't forget to declutter your bedside tables or any nearby shelves by stashing away books, tissues, and cords. Adding a personal touch with photo frames can bring sentimental vibes, and a fresh bunch of flowers not only looks beautiful but can also tie in with the floral theme of the day. Why not chat with your florist about creating something special that matches the overall aesthetic?

The Details

Pre-Church Dress Attire

If your little one is changing at the church service, I find it super handy to have their outfit ready (at your home if having pre church photos or at the church) before the service starts. I make it a point to capture this as soon as I arrive, just in case things get a bit hectic which ensures that the dress or suit is documented. Plus, I highly recommend using a personalised coat hanger to showcase their adorable outfit in style! It adds a nice touch to the whole experience.

Have them organised. Have them ready. 

As you get ready for the day, it would be awesome if you could gather all the details for getting ready, along with any other special items you'd like captured. Having everything ready and accessible when I arrive or at home or the church will make the process smoother. This way, I can quickly greet you and grab what I need without interrupting and making you rush to stay on schedule. Feel free to include things like a box with a candle, your favourite brush, a cherished necklace, or even rosary beads. Can't wait to capture all those wonderful moments!


You know, there's one thing we can't always have a say in, and that's the weather. But here's the deal – don't let it stress you out. Instead, focus on what you can control. Have a solid Plan B in place, even if it's not exactly what you envisioned. Trust me, it'll significantly reduce the stress and panic on the big day.

No matter what weather decides to throw your way on your special day, own it and embrace it. Believe it or not, some of the most amazing memories come from the most unexpected moments. So, let's roll with whatever Mother Nature brings and make it a celebration to remember.

Service Tips

Be Prepared.

I totally understand that babies will be babies, and crying is just their way of expressing themselves. It's completely normal for little ones to cry during the service, so no need to stress about it. In fact, I've photographed quite a few services, and it's rare to find a child who doesn't cry at some point.

I want you to know that if your baby gets upset, it's just a temporary moment, and it won't last the entire day. So, try to smile through it if you can. The great thing about still photography is that it captures beautiful moments without any noise or sound. Years down the line, you'll forget about how loud the crying was.

If your baby uses a dummy, it might be a good idea to have it during the service, especially if they're feeling a bit fussy. I recommend finding a clear or transparent dummy to make it less noticeable in the photos. I know they might not be the easiest to find, so start searching early. You can try using "clear transparent pacifier" in a Google search, and you should be able to find a few online options. It could also help if your baby gets used to it a few times before the church so that the sensation isn't unfamiliar.

Remember to keep a happy face – it not only makes for better photos, but I'll also be able to capture your expression more clearly.


Family & Group Shot

I understand that most families like to grab some pictures with the little one after the service, and we want to make sure we get those out of the way early so you can head off to enjoy the reception without any delays.

To help this run as smoothly as possible my advice would be to pre-warn these people prior to the day. You could send them a message saying "I wanted to give you a heads-up about something special we have planned for after the service. We're hoping to capture some beautiful family portraits to cherish the moments together so please stay behind for a bit after the service for these lovely photos."

If, by any chance, you're interested in having a big group photo with all your guests, I'd recommend having a chat with the priest beforehand. They can help inform everyone about the plan for the group shot, making the whole process smoother and quicker. Of course, it'll also depend on the space and size of the church, but I'll do our best to accommodate.

I've noticed that sometimes babies can get a bit overwhelmed or unsettled after a service, especially with so many people fussing over them and being passed around. It's essential to make sure your baby isn't hungry during this time. Offering a quick, mess-free snack like crackers or potato sticks can be a great solution to help them stay content until we finish capturing all those wonderful family and individual portraits. Let's make sure your little one is comfortable and happy throughout this time.

Reception Tips

I've noticed that I often leave the church a bit later than your guests as I am busy capturing family portraits, and by the time I get to the reception venue, it's already buzzing with activity. To ensure I can capture a photo of the venue or room before it gets all touched up, could you check with the venue if they can keep it closed off until I arrive? It would be awesome to snap those untouched moments before guests filter in and find their seats. If that's not possible, no worries—I'll do my best to capture the styling items once everyone's settled. Alternatively I have taken photos of the reception venue before the day begins. Whether I can do this depends on where you're located, your venue, and the styling team. If you're interested in this idea, feel free to reach out, and we can chat about it.

I'm a big fan of natural light, and while some venues are better lit than others, I always aim to shoot with as little flash as possible. It just adds that extra touch of authenticity to the photos.

Quick tip if you're planning a styled backdrop: consider the location carefully. If it's against a window, keep in mind that the background might not show up well in photos. Cameras tend to prioritize the correct exposure for the backdrop, making the background appear overexposed and nearly invisible. Just a little heads up!

I absolutely love capturing the styling details. There's something special about the thought and energy you put into those creations, and the photos become beautiful reminders not just of the day but of all the moments leading up to it. I'm committed to capturing the essence of everything and documenting it in brilliant detail.


Remember I'm your photographer and I'm all about capturing the beauty of your day.

My approach is journalistic, aiming to document genuine moments as they happen. I tend to steer clear of flash usage and avoid being too directive during the day – I want your day to unfold as naturally as possible. Feel free to relax and trust in the expertise you've enlisted.

After all, you've got a professional on board to make sure your moments are beautifully captured! Can't wait to work with you.