About Me

A wife, mum, makeup artist and photographer. I've have a passion for photography and I'm lucky enough to be asked to capture some of the most joyous, intimate and happiest times in people's lives!

I describe my photography style as journalistic and prefer to observe the scene and document the moment as it happens. Capture unfiltered emotions, smiles and gentle gestures as organically as possible.

If this style or my images speak to you I would love to be part of your next special event.

Ten Fun Facts About Me

  1. I was a ballerina from the age of two and half and considered this as a career.
  2. I was an Australian Champion for Physical Culture and have danced on stage at the Sydney Opera House.
  3. I love rainbows and sunsets.
  4. I hate peas, yuck.
  5. I've owned weird pets like a mouse, galah and turtle.
  6. I smashed into and ripped off a boom gate when I first owned a license.
  7. Christmas is my favourite time of the year.
  8. Some of my baby teeth have never fallen out.
  9. I always check the sweets menu before the dinner menu. Chocolate is life.
  10. I didn't find out my middle name wasn't on my birth certificate until I was 18.

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